Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mr. Good Guy?

We never got to know the people that their backyard is adjacent to part of  our back yard.  They consist of a ninety-four year old lady, her daughter and her son-in-law.  I have talked to the 94 year old lady, which then she was probably 85 when they first moved in the house.  We leaned against the fence and talked about dogs and the large amount of country acreage she sold for them to buy the house. 

I know the property she sold.  It is now a subdivision with about 30 houses in it.
Through their next door neighbors I learned that the son-in-law had just retired from the FBI.  Since he lived here he did something  that was against the local laws, it has been so long ago, I forgot, nothing big, maybe shoot illegal fireworks on the night of a holiday or something. 

They and the lady that lives on our side have been having a running battle over her three barking dogs since they moved in.  They have called the law on her and her dogs and she believes that once they opened her back gate to let them out.  Who knows?  At times when they are barking they will hollow over to them to "SHUT UP!"  And I think in dog-talk they bark back, "UP YOURS!"  And maybe shoot her the finger, I mean paw.

Another thing the retired FBI man does in burn whenever he wants to.  Cobb County has strict laws of dates you can burn, from something like May the 1st to October the 1st, but he has proven it doesn't apply to him.

He is a big guy and looks like he could be the aggressive type, the few times I have nodded at him and he returned a nod.

I noticed for two or three years his truck was parked stationary in one place and he wasn't ever in the yard.  I figured he was gone.

A couple weeks ago in the yard I saw him at the fence looking like he wanted to talk to me.  I walked over.  He politely asked me how I was doing and I said fine, and asked about his health as well, and he was fine too.  He told me he was gone for two years in Alaska in a little town as the police chief.  So, that explains what I was wondering.   Then he asked me if I would mind if he cut down a limb that was hanging over in their yard.  He said, it looks like it is about to fall anyway, and if he could get it down it would not break something they have under it, whatever it is.  It looked like a pump house to me.

He politely thanked me and said he had to go put out bird seed.  He said he loved to watch those cute little critters around the bird feeders.  He looked like a jolly big Saint Nick.  I kept  wondering during our conversation, "This is the same guy that threatened our neighbor's dogs?"   I suppose you change your image with a wave of your hand - I suppose he knows that from his previous jobs.



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