Tuesday, March 12, 2013


On this date, March 11, 1789, the United States Post Office was established.  Benjamin Franklin was on the payroll for a while at the beginning.  And 200 years later I hopped on the payroll and lingered for 33 years, then I hopped off, handing my torch to someone else to carry it on.


I think linger is generally the word thought of when the public thinks of a postal employee.  There are  also other words such as hanging out,  loitering, and more descriptive words.  Seriously, those are words used by the general public who has never worked at the Postal Service and don't know anybody who has.


When I started my job at the Atlanta Post Office I was to unload trucks and railway cars twelve hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, and forget  being off on holidays.  Only the postal employees who met the public got off.


Now, some Republicans want to sell the Postal Service to private enterprise who is eager to turn it into a profit making enterprise.  I wonder if those same people ever thought of selling another public service, the Armed Forces?   Wait!  I just remembered,  it appears they have outsourced  some of the gun shooting to Blackwater.


You get most of your mail within a day or two.  You would be surprised just how efficient the Postal Service is, considering the billions of pieces of mail they handle hourly, around the clock.
Hug a Postal employee today!


Happy 224th Birthday Postal!

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