Monday, March 25, 2013

Bombs Away!

A neighbor lady that I walk with  occasionally was, until recently,  a representative for a  manufacturing  company that makes commodes.  A high quality kind of throne.
One time recently at a home show a plumber contractor who uses their product exclusively had a   demonstration of  whole potatoes  being swallowed  and disappearing with this kind of commode.   Sometimes she tells me some interesting  "potty" or "John" information.     This morning she told me that nursing homes always seem to have plumbing problems because  some cardiac medicines harden stools.

The reason she told me is because what I told her.  I spent  time yesterday trying to unstop our stopped up toilet.  I was wondering if I picked up a box of instant concrete instead of the oatmeal.   After I flushed the solid  went down but the water didn't.  No amount of plunging seemed to do any good.  It seemed to get harder and more stubborn the more I plunged it.  I think I just made it more compact.

I was about to pour Drano down through its system and Anna suggested I go on line and research to make sure that is OK.  I did, and it is not OK.  Not the type of Drano we had (Gel).  But there is a type make of Drano that is good for unstopping toilets.

While on line I found some remedies.  One said pour in one box of Baking Soda,; then slowly pour in the contents of regular size bottle of vinegar.  You do it slowly to it can interact with the baking soda.  Then, pour in hot water, not too hot, about as hot as hot tea should be.  And, if it doesn't work, try the same thing again.

I did it step by step and it didn't work.   Wait!  I didn't do the last step, which was if it didn't work do it again.  So, I did it again.  This time it worked.

The water rushed down the escape hole in  the toilet like it had to go a fire to put it out.

I feel like I did something positive in more ways than one.


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