Monday, November 23, 2015

Sorry Excuse for An Excuse

I tell you, I am a sorry excuse for an excuse.  I tried to ease the tension between Gentiles and Muslims today.  I just left the Cajun meat market and beside my truck were 4 females:  a mother, two teenage daughters and one preteen daughter.  By their garb they were wearing I think they were Muslims.  The girls were happy giggling Muslims.  

The mother scolded her daughters, saying,  "Hurry up and get into the car this nice gentleman (meaning me) was waiting on them so that he can get into his."

I gently told them in my good old boy accent  to take their time, no rush.

The mother, in her heavy thick accent said to me, "Please sir, I was using you an excuse to hurry them up, please do not take that away from me."

Well, shoot, I can't do anything right, not even be a good excuse.


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