Monday, August 31, 2015

Tree Cutting in West Cobb

Today my sisters were having some trees cut down on their property.   They were not available so I went over to sort of watch over the operation.

I wondered how should I should dress:  Boots, plaid shirt, with a washable-off tattoo, like the Paul Bunyan look?  Or the brainy type, looking on the three workers and take notes continuously?   Or maybe if I had on my Tilley Hat on  and a bull whip hanging on my side I might remind them of Indiana Jones!   That's it!

But on second thought, after I saw a tree fall making a loud scary  noise I decided it would be safer to keep a good distance and to a video summary.

Also, I made myself useful and cleared off some dead limbs and debris from the previous tree cutting they had months ago.  I put the ugly brown dead foliage behind the fallen trees, so the man down the street who promised to take the logs won't have an excuse. 


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