Friday, March 14, 2014

The Chu Chu I Know I can, I Know I can

The last few weeks, off and on, on JEOPARDY it was amazing to watch Arthur Chu win continuously.  I say "off and on" because while he was on a roll there was a Jeopardy Tournament of Champions that would butt in from time to time.  Arthur won 11 games and won a total of $298,200.  And to add insult to injury, he smiled a lot, he was soft spoken and charming.

Some people studied his method of playing and insinuated that he was being unfair in his strategy methods.... in fact, they were hot under the collar, saying he was taking the fun out of the game.  They figured out that his method was first go for the highest  monetary amount of Answers (Questions) in any category and  most of the time he got them right,  and if was a Double Jeopardy, so much the better.   Not only did he have  a chance at the big ones first, once he chose it, it  took it off the board so other people wouldn't have a chance at it.  That pissed some people off.

Was that cheating or being unfair?  I don't think so, they all had the same chance to do that.   One of the reasons that people watch Jeopardy is that money is involved.  The winner wins more money and stands a chance of returning to play a championship Jeopardy tournament, which will be even more  money.

The structure of the game is that the winner will get more benefits than the losers.  That is pretty much the bottom line.  If one really wants to win, he or she needs to have a strategy.  That is part of the game

I'm sure racism did not play a part in why some were so angry with Chu winning so smoothly.  Of course not, this is America with equal opportunity to all.

Chu said, "I'm not a bad guy, just greedy as hell!".


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