Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Credit Card Habits

As our friends know by now, one of our credit cards was compromised.  Today the  institution that handles our credit card called and wanted to know if we bout $320 worth of stuff at Publix in Peachtree City.  Hell no!

The caller said they didn't think so.  The buyer was out of character to match us.  They said they cancelled that card and will issue us another one with a new number.   We thanked them and praised them for being so smart  as to tell if it was really us or not.

I didn't think about it but the more I think about it they must know our movements and habits.  Which is a good thing and it is a bad thing too.   They know what we will buy, how high we are willing to pay for whatever we want..... too much information. ... but again, it is good they have it.

We wondered what the person that stole our number bought that made  it look like it wasn't us.  Probably they didn't take advantage of Publix's two for one sale.  They probably didn't  use coupons, probably did buy alcoholic beverages, and did not go up to the service desk for a free cup of coffee and did go back for seconds for free samples in the deli section.


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