Saturday, March 08, 2014

Brad Quinlin Talks about His Latest Book Civil War Hospitals in Marietta

Brad Quinlin

We went to the Marietta Museum of History last night to hear Civil War researcher Brad Quinlin talk about his new book BLEEDING GRAY AND BLUE, subtitled Marietta's Extensive Civil War Hospitals 1863 and 1864. 

It was essentially the same as the tour Brad gave last summer, and some of the same letters and speeches were quoted. 

After the talk and book signing he left for Andersonville Prison where he was to spend the night and had only a couple hours to get there on time.   Brad is a Civil War Re-enactor, and I think this  is why he was on his way.

Clara Howell, we were at Marietta High School the same time, and had one class together.  She told her she is now doing kick boxing.  Maybe that was a warning.

Man-about-town Will Goodman and  another MHS and photographer mate Carol Jordon

Distant Cousin-In-Law Betty Hunter


Brad and Judge Jim Morris

Judge J.M.

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