Monday, March 17, 2014

Petty Family in Varnell, Georgia, 1949

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My Petty family  (mother's side) in about 1949*, in Varnell, Georgia:  1st Row L to R:  LaVonn Petty (daugh of Leonard);  MaryBeth Petty (daugh of Wallice, Wallace's arms around her, she died in 2008); Georgianne Petty Grant (died  1966); Cecil Grant (died 1958) (husb of Georgianne); Osmo Petty (died 1978);  and Eddie Hunter (me - son of Janie Petty Hunter).

2nd Row:  Jeannette Phillips Petty holding son Billy (wife of Leonard) died  2004);  Leonard Petty (died 2001); Wallace Petty (died 2007); Thelma Cox Petty (died 1994); Anthony Rollins being held by his mother Opal Petty (died 1992); Janie Petty Hunter (died  1996); Viola Ridley Petty (the grandmother, mother, brother,  or mother law) (died 1968); and Frances Hunter(daugh of Janie Petty Hunter),  Frances arms around  Harriet and Rhonda Petty (daughters of Wallace Petty).

3rd Row:   Mary Jo Johns  Petty(died  2000), wife of Tom Petty;  Tom Petty (died  1979); Walt Ridley (died 1953), brother to Viola Ridley Petty:  Ed Hunter (died 1988), husband of Janie Petty Hunter;  Roy Petty (died 2000); and Sara Petty (not yet McLemore) (died 1999).

*based on a baby in the picture that was born December, 1948.  That would make me age 8 in the picture.


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