Tuesday, March 18, 2014

OK is Like OKay

On  Sunday Morning CBS News Program they had an article about  the word OK; okay?

I did not know it but OK or Okay is one of the few words, if not the only word that is universally understood.  They told the originals of the word, and how it's meaning spread world-wide which, to me, went in one ear and out the other .  I have a retention problem.
HOWEVER!  It did bring back a memory.  Kay Jewelers  opened up a store in downtown Marietta at the corner of Atlanta Street and South Park Square, where Reynolds and Ferrell Drug Store was.  
Kay Jewelers was one of the first jewelry stores that  I noticed that retailed more than just jewelry.  They   had all kinds of affordable gadgets.  Their advertising slogan was, "Its OK to OWE KAY."  And to pout their money where their mouth is they gave all the graduating seniors of 1960 a Kay credit OK (they didn't have credit cards back then).

I took advantage of their offer and bought me an Royal  or Underwood manual typewriter they had displayed in their window.
I think about once a week I would drop by their store and make a payment.   

It was my first leap into its "OK to owe your Soul to the company store. "


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