Monday, January 07, 2013

Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree Jan 2013

This past Saturday evening we went to this month's Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree at the Community Church.  As  always, the jamboree was divided in two parts by an intermission.  The first part was the visting band, which was the Weeks  Family  Band, and the 2nd part the home band, which has always been the Jot'Em Down Boys.

The Weeks Band has been there before.  They are very energetic.  They are also very religious.  They operate a church in north Georgia, I think Jasper.  Bruce Week, the leader, has a wry wit, in a Christian kind of way.

The Jot'Em Down Boys Band is sort of free rambling.  In the end they played a tribute song to one of their fans that died and Cliff said of her being a fan, and added, "We don't have that many."  Which I think is a humble outlook.

The Jot'em Down Boys also had a visiting duo, father and daughter by the last name Dickson join with them and play the entire time.  They complemented the music.  The daughter and Danny the fiddle player seemed to have fun dueling their violins.

This is not worth mentioning but I will anyway:  I noticed that  the females in both bands that wore dresses also wore the same shade of brown tight pants or leotards that was tight enough to fit down inside their boots.  The first band, the mother and one of the daughters had on the outfit I described and so did the fiddler/violin playign Dickson daughter in the second half.


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