Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Old Days in Marietta

I think most OMs will recognize where this picture was taken.  It was taken on West Atlanta Road, facing north, the railroad tracks are on the right, and on the left is about where Hunt Ice Cream was.

The Hunt family lived on the other side of the tracks in a big white house, which was destroyed by fire several years ago.

Back to West Atlanta Road.  On the left, just south of Hunt's was George's Restaurant.  Every New Year's Eve for a few years we had dinner at George's.  His prime ribs were the tastiest in the world we felt.

George's was a Greek restaurant owner..  His brother owned a restaurant up town on the first block of Washington Square across from the Court House.  I ate there one time on Jury Duty.  I think the name of it was Tres Joli.

No good story, clincher, or balloon pop surprise ending here.  I just let my memory wander.



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