Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Son of Hunt's

Sign hanging in the Marietta Museum of History

Last week I was rambling about Hunt's Ice Cream on this blog again and what I said flushed (if that is the right word) out some memories of Bobby McEntyre his own which are:

Phillip Hunt, Mr. & Mrs Hunt's only son, was a good friend  of mine. Played a lot of sandlot baseball and football on the Hunt property. Mr Hunt let us use the lower corner close to Delk Street to play our games.

I worked as a curb hop at Hunt's Ice Cream on Old Atlanta Road when I was 14.  It was one of my first jobs that paid by a real check. The ice cream was outstanding.  Mr. Hunt was the first ice cream company to offer vanilla and chocolate swirl. Caught the big guys off guard. Hunts could not keep up with the demand and had to put in extra hours at his plant.



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