Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Free Coffee!!

I'm not above getting more milage out of stuff that I write.  For instance here is something I wrote on Facebook yesterday:

Lately in the mail and the newspaper we have been bombarded with coupons for free coffee at RaceTrack Gas Stations. Most of the coupons that come in say free coffee, any size. But some coupons state free coffee, any size, with free pastry. And some come that say free coffee, any size, with free breakfast sandwich. No matter how it is worded, they know how to win my heart.

This morning I reported to the nearest RaceTrack armed with a shiny red and white coupon for free coffee, any size. When I pulled up to park in the front a middle aged lady was bent over in the garbage can by the door going through it. Oh well.

Inside, with the smallest cup size, I poured a cup of coffee, dark roasted, no cream. Then I fumbled with the lid. First, when I pulled off the lid on top of the top stack I accidentally pulled off two. I have that same problem every time. I hated to put on back because I actually touched both of them. But again, I hate to throw it away, because it hadn’t really been used. Then, getting the lid to snap snugly on is another story. It always takes time. But finally it worked.

I walked over to the cashier counter with my coffee and free coffee coupon. The cashier was waiting on the same lady I saw earlier out front going through the garbage can. She had a handful of free coffee coupons and was leaning over the cashier counter trying to decided which scratch-off lottery coupons to buy. She acted unorganized, scattered brain, jittery, and nervous. She had a cup of coffee beside her. Did the free coffee make her that way? She was asking the cashier a lot of questions about the different scratch-off lottery tickets but finally picked and chose $20 worth of coupons. The cashier was very patient. The jittery garbage can lady noticed me and apologized. I politely said no problem, “take your time.” It might be unhealthy to rush a jittery nervous person.

My transaction was simple and quick. Here’s the coupon and here’s my coffee. Bye!

When I turned around to go out the line was almost to the door. The jittery lady picking out lottery tickets was the reason the line piled up. In the line was a man who looked like he did construction work, two men looked as if they might be going through hard times, and the back of the line was an elderly lady finely dressed that looked well off. Everybody in line were holding free coffee coupons.

I couldn’t resist myself, I stopped by the last person, the elderly well-off lady and said, “Free coffee?” She giggled, which was out of character for her graceful dignified appearance.


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