Sunday, November 27, 2011


WHAT'S MY LINE? Or was it WHAT'S MY NAME? or MY JUB? It was a popular panel game show on TV in the 50s. Not so popular that the name is branded in my memory though. Just the past week on PBTV was a special on Woody Allen who appeared on this show - the panel members wore blindfolds and Woody spoke in a squaaky mousy voice. Wait, why didn't he disquise his voice? Wnen I saw that part of the Woody special I thought of the MAD version of the show, WALA!

Also senate sub-committees scouring the media to cull out who they thought were anti-American and those they thought were trying to corrupt the youth of the time. I think they did more corrupting and being anti-American than anyone they investigated. But as you can see, this pun was intended to throw a few punches at them.

Of course it was more than likely this story was written by editor Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by Jack Davis. It first appeared in MAD comicbook #17.

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