Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soaking up Cultural at a Play

Last nlight we went to see the play KOSHER LUTHERANS at The Stellar Cellar in the basment of the St. James' Episcopal Church.

It was a real play with a professional director, professional actors, on a real stage, with a real intermission, and a real audience.

We estimated that there were 65 seats in the little theater.

The play was a light comedy with the message of religious tolerance. It was done pretty good I thouht.

The house was packed. On our row three middle age women were sitting on our right. As soon as the play started the stomach of the lady sitting next to me starting growling. It sounded like an angry cat that was about to go into claw to claw combat. The whining and growling of her stomach got the other two ladies mufflling thier gigglings which one of them must have exerted too much holding her mouth end in that her rear end tooted a short fart. That got them giggling again. I wanted to join in on the fun and lean over with my hand out and say, "Pull my finger." But I didn't.

I'm glad it was a comedy.



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