Saturday, November 26, 2011

NOTE!! The Below is a Satire on Ad Campaigns

Hello. I ran away from home with and joined a carnival when I was ten years old. A lot of grownups I worked with had tattoos and I said, “What the heck…” and got one myself. It wasn’t enough, I got a few more to fit in with my new peers.

Later, after I quit the carnival I was arrested for arm robbery and was sent to prison. I learned in prison a person with a lot of tattoos looks intimidating and gets more respect and privileges. To be the kingpin of the prison yard, I had some homemade tattoos added. After that, big dangerous thugs serving time for assault, battery and murder would step out of my way. Man, that was living!

I have my eccentricities like everyone else, but I am just a plain ordinary guy. My name is Snake-Eyes Shaw and I’m a Mormon.*

*(just jesting).

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