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John Rafas Hunter (1870 - 1940)

These two pictures are of John Rafas Hunter (1870-1940) and his wife Lilly Hill (1875-1972). John is one of great grandfather’s son, or a brother to my grandfather.

I think John was probably born in Benton County, Arkansas, or around Grandbury, Texas. He arrived with his parents and siblings in Cherokee County, Georgia, in 1879, where he spent the rest of his life.

Three of their children either married steel workers or was one.

The oldest daughter Elaine married Paul W. Poor. They moved to Sheffield Village, Ohio, where he became manager of a steel mill. Also later he was the county’s Sheriff. They had five chiclren.

The next to the oldest daughter Emma married Andrew Abercrombie. They moved to Birmingham where Andrew worked in a steel mill. They had four children. After John Rafas died, Emma’s mother moved to Birmingham to live with Emma and her family.

The only son Walter Clarence “Brother” Hunter moved to East Chicago, Indiana, and worked in a steel mill.

And some of the next generation of males went into the steel business.

Don't you know when they got together for Christmas the biggest topic of discussion among the men folk was the latest techniques in steel producing?

The youngest daughter Guyrine died at age 18 of a rare disease. Her female friends and cousins were honorary pallbearers.

One of the real pallbearers was a young man named William “Will” Obediah Tyson. Will’s sister Minnie, married Guyrine’s uncle Frank Paris Hunter, which in time I became their grandson. Small world.

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Blogger kenju said...

I love the white dresses. I have a similar photo of my mom and her sister dressed just like that.

5:41 AM  
Blogger John said...

Thanks for the story on my namesake. The story I always heard from JSH, Sr. was that when he was born in 1920 he went at least months if not a couple of years known as "Boy". Apparently a name was hard to come by when you have so many older brothers. Anyway, he was named for 2 people John Rafas Hunter (his uncle), and Dr. Stanley (who delivered him). Apparently Frank has at least some affinity for his brother in order to name a son for him. It also seems to be a name that sticks since it has now been used 4 times in our line of Hunters.


5:55 AM  
Blogger ET said...

On the same topic John Rafas had a son named Walter Clarence, who was nicknamed "Brother".

Our uncle W.C. was/is also Walter Clarence. John Rafas's Walter Clarence was born in 1903 and Frank's Walter Clarence was born in 1908.

6:32 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I can't recall anybody wearing a pure white dress these days unless it is a wedding gown.

7:19 AM  

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