Monday, March 18, 2019

Liar, Pants on Fire!

Elizabeth Warren, Democrat, said she was part Native American and later a DNA test proved she wasn’t.   The president, the bully he is, called her Pocahontas.

Kamala Harris said she smoke pot and inhaled while listening to Snoop Dogg in college.  A skilled Republican discovered that Snoop Doggf had yet started making music professionally when she was in college. 

Apparently both ladies told an untruth  while trying to look good for their audiences.

While we are on the subject of politicians lying  when Trump gives unwritten speech the number of lies he tells are much higher than the one each the ladies told.,  His lies are up in hundreds.  Bets are made beforehand, on how many, and fact checkers give the official number.

He seems to tell on truths based on working his audience, telling them things he feels they want to hear.

And it seems OK, acceptable. 


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