Tuesday, March 19, 2019

J. N. Petty's Family

ame goes. Here her name is Mrs. John N. Petty, look, see for yourself.
I found this picture funny because of the expression on Mrs. Petty's face and the young man standing beside her. By body language and facial expressions I think just before this picture was taken Mrs. J.N. gave Jim (the young man) a painful ear pinch for misbehaving.
By the way, Ethel Petty in this picture is the second Petty I know of named Ethel. The first I knew about was is my mother. I wonder if my mother was named after this Ethel? She was her great aunt, but I suspect they were unaware of each other's existence.
Not that it matters in the grand course of things but Ethel shares a cemetery plot with her mother Mrs. J. N. Petty. If these mother and daughter ghosts ever have a mother-daughter heated argument Ethel Petty could do a slam-dunk on the argument by saying, "At least I have my name on my tombstone!" Then lie there with a smirk on her embalmed face for eternity.



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