Thursday, March 21, 2019

Daddyk's Birth Place

This is the house my father was born in. It was on Waterman Street at Waddell Street. I got to take a picture of it before it was bulldozed a couple years ago to make way for progress....(?)
the next picture is the Hunters out front of the house on Waterman Street.
Left to right: 1st Row, Ed (Daddy) and W.C. Hunter
2nd Row: Bus, Bee, Herbert, and their father Frank Paris Hunter
Back: Minnie Victoria Tyson Hunter.

Notice the way Minnie is looking at Frank: it looks to me like pure admiration.
Ed was born in 1911. He looks about 2 years old. The pictures was probably taken made about 1913.

The house was bulldiozed away about 2010 to make way for progress.


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