Sunday, December 02, 2018

2018 Marietta Pilgrimage; AKA Tour of Homes

There were six houses on the tour this year.  If I understand it correctly, 5 of the 6 has had the same family living in and flipping to their children, or maybe visa versa.

This is the Harold Willingham house that burned up and killing Harold's widow Judy Powell and her sister.  It was one of the houses flipped to a son or daughter.

No photography allowed inside of any of the houses on tour

The Van Pearberg house was not on tour, but who with a camera resist the temptation.  Van's wife Patty died this past year.

The Montgomery House was not on the tour but has been on a previous tour.  It still stands out in my mind as a favorite.

This house is interesting to me.  I vaguely remember I was in it one time with my distant cousin Edna Garrett White.  She had the key, and we went into it for some genealogical documents.  I think the owner, another distant relative that I don't remember who, was a high ranking officer over seas.  Mystery!  Edna is dead now with no heirs.  Her and her husband, also dead, lived on Frances Avenue.  Maybe it was a dream.

This was one of the Blair homes in the neighborhood.  I think the Mayor Rip Blair gave it to his son and new daughter-in-law, but it has change owners several times since then.


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