Sunday, October 29, 2017

Unique Graves in Marietta

I should say "Unique to me."  I am not a researched local historian.  I'm sure I left out a lot that could have been interesting.  I used the  graves I knew something about.  Research?  What's that?
Also I did not include kin-folks except for one time. If I included my kin-folks, that would be a blog by itself.

Be sure and click on each picture to see something you might not have otherwise noticed.

Marietta City Cemetery

Al Bishop, manager of Larry Bell Park

Van Carol Calloway.  Friend.  Van was a diabetic.  He was to have a leg amputated.  The wrong leg was removed and Van died.

Sanford Stadium in Athens, Ga was named after him

My 5th grade teacher.  Van Callaway (above) pushed me against the railing of a fire escape at school and cracked my forehead opened.  Miss Shouse held my head up and pressed ice against the cut so I would not bleed out.  And the only thing I could think of is that women sure have soft thighs!

Clay Family

Senator Clay (statue in Glover Park)

Manget Plot Interesting resumme on marker

Leave 'Em Laughing

Owned the first pharmacy and his house is still stading

Confederate Cemetery

Drummer Bill York is the only ex-slave buried in the Confederate Cemetery

St James Episcopal Church

One of the Otis Brumby line.

Mayor and Judge

This gal and her babies have endured a lot of pranks through the years.  They are seated across the street from a school.  It was Marietta High School, now it is Marietta Middle School

Jon Benet  Ramsey

Patsy Ramsey, mother of Jon Benet Ramsey

aka Cobb County and Marietta's own Boss Hog

George Camp.  I think he was over Roswell Mills and lived in the Tranquility Mansion

Winters, Early Marietta Settler/Pioneer

Mr & Mrs Kolb.  Remember the Kolb Farm Battle on Powder Springs Road?  I don't know if this is the same Kolbs or not.  I see on the marker Mr. Wild Kolb died in August 1863, which was about 11 months before the Battle of Kolb's Farm.

Marietta National Cemetery

Henry Cole, donated the land for the cemetery

First cousin, once removed killed in action during the Normandy Invasion

Father of a friend  (Sam) who was killed at sea by a Japanese plane on a suicide mission


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