Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween Haunted House

Another True Halloween Story.
About 37 years ago there was an old abandoned house standing  where the Post Office on Sandy Plains Road is now.  Next door is a church cemetery.
A local civic organization had a Halloween Haunted House in the old house when Rocky was about 3 or 4 years old.  Rocky begged to go.  I took him.
It was a typical haunted house with strobe lights, chain saws, severed heads, and other horrid delights.
It was more than Rocky expected.  He screamed and screamed hid his eyes from some of the action. 
The next day he did not even want to  ride in the car by the old house.
I tried to convince him it was all a show, make-believe .   I decided to drive down the dirt bumpy driveway to the house and show him it was all empty - just a harmless old house.
He begged for us not to go.  Regardless of his protests we went anyway.  I had a point to prove.
When we got close to the porch we saw a several  plastic mannequin legs upside down sticking out of a garbage can. 

Which of course, caused more screaming. 


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