Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Invisible Man Hits Arby's.

I noticed Arby's is advertising their new Deep Fried Cajun Turkey sandwiches.  I had to try it
I went to the Arby's nearest us.  Three women were at the counter ordering.  I quickly figured out they were related:  a mother and her two daughters in their early 20s.
The three women were ordering, changing their minds, and reordering.  They wanted to know the details of each sandwich they ordered, like the type of onion, and were they fried, and so on.  All of the order were to be on the same ticket.  During the order one had to go to restroom and the order taker (and me) had to wait on her return to complete the order... I think she too ordered and cancelled items.  I think they were confusing the hell as of the counter man.
Finally I got to order my Deep Fried Cajun Slice Turkey Sandwich.
The three women grabbed each item as they put it on the counter.  It was a to-go order.  I think the counter workers should have kept all it in a bunch beyond their reach and handed it all over at one time.
Finally they left with their order and my Cajun-deep-fried Turkey  too.
All three of the front employees had to search around for my sandwich, they knew they saw my order sitting there.  And finally concluded the women took it.
They realized an error was made and made me a new one.

No harm, no fowl.


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