Friday, February 10, 2017

The Atlanta Cyclorama is moving to a new home.

The Atlanta Cyclorama huge art depiction of the Burning of Atlanta is moving this month, maybe today.  It is moving from one end of Atlanta to the other.  For many years it has been on the south side in Grants Park just feet from the Atlanta Zoo.  Soon it will be on the north side at the Atlanta History Museum just down the street from  Governor's Mansion.

I remember one time reading the building it was in leaked and water damaged the huge art piece but I have seen it since and it appears the experts restored it like it should be.

I have been to see it at least twice.  Each time I was very impressed with the details.  Maybe being older and wiser on my second visit I appreciated it more that time.

Another item I was impressed with in the lobby of the Grant's Park Cyclorama was the locomotive engine THE TEXAN stood proudly on display.  THE TEXAN is the locomotive that chased THE GENERAL from Kennesaw to Ringgold in THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE.

The docent pointed out during the main attraction presentation a little life like figure of a man in a white suit and a mustache having trouble with his horse during the Burning of Atlanta.  She hinted that it was Clark Gable, a.k.a. Rhett Butler.

I just went through looking at the Atlanta Cyclorama pictures and I can't find Clark.  Did he settled his horse down and galloped away? 

click on each picture to see the details better.

Years ago we took a vacation to Pennsylvania (see my article on Jimmy Carter speaks at Independence Hall).  We spent a day touring Gettysburg.  There we got to see their Cyclorama.

The one in Atlanta, I think it rotates around you but at the Gettysburg Battle Park you rotate around it.  I may have it reversed.  During the presentation I heard a sniff and looked to the man to my side.  He was crying.  Crying in as infectious as giggling.  I started crying too.. 


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