Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Death at a Wedding Celebration

Walker - Petty Family

Did I ever tell you about my half 2nd cousin, once removed, Hobert Walker went to a party for his brother getting married and got killed?

My great-great grandfather, Elijah Petty (1803-1881), and his second wife Sarah Parker (1818-1897) had seven children.   

Mary Petty Walker

The oldest is Martha "Mary" Petty (1851-1945) married William Peyton Walker (1850-1936) and they had eight children.
Their third oldest William Richard Walker (1877-1958) married Alice Matilda Tiffar (1884-1946).  They had eight children also.
One of their sons, Lester William Walker (1909-1987) married Odean Tanner (1919-1992), on 23 March 1937.
Another of their sons, Hobert Walker(1915-1937) died on 23 March 1937, the day Lester and Odean were married,
Here is the only explanation I found:

Hobert and another boy were carrying Lester on a rail during what was called a (Sereande) to celebrate the marriage of Lester and Dean Tanner.  Some accident happened to Hobert that caused him to lose his life.


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