Saturday, February 04, 2017

Hobos and Trumps

When I saw this Gary Larson cartoon my first thought was a scene my sister and I witnessed back in the 1940s:

My grandmother and her daughter Opal rented a house about  a block from Main Street, Cohutta Georgia.  The rented house was a nice two story house near the top of hill overlooking  a panoramic few of a large pasture with a big white house on the other end.   There were railroad tracks  going across the property.  The railroad water tower was downtown.  When the engine needed water the train operators lined up  to the water tower which meant the trains boxcars extended out to the pasture and  in front of my Grandma and Opal's rented house.
Once, when we spent a week there, we were out in the front yard and we saw two men going from  boxcar to boxcar and opening doors  They had ball bats.
They opened the boxcar directly in front of the house and looked in.   A man jumped out and started running.
The two men with bats  chased him in hot pursuit.
I hope he got away.

My second thought was the Trump family:

Years later I was informed the pasture and the house my kin rented was owned by the Maples family; the future grandparents of Donald Trump's 2nd wife Marla Maples.



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