Friday, February 24, 2017

Bob's Bob Halliday's Garage

A few years ago Bob Halliday contacted me because he knew I was a nostalgia nut, sort of.

Bob owns Bob's Garage, a shop/museum that restores old stuff to look   like like new.  He restores old cars,  gasoline pumps, Coke machines, signs, you name it is located off Shallowford Road, near Horsetown.

Although I was intrigued, I wasn't sure I could do much for him.  I passed the buck the Marietta Museum of History.

I once read that when Bob was a kid his folks ran the Georgian Oaks Motel across from Dobbins on the 4-Lane.  That is where he learned to repair vending machines and signs, which was his calling.
Speaking of the Georgian Oaks Motel I have another facebook friend who had a girlfriend, or co-worker, I forgot which, that intentionally set the Georgian Oaks Motel on fire and destroyed it.  Small World.

I see there is an article in te latest GEM GEORGIA MAGAZINE  (March 2017).  For a link to the article



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