Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Travelers Betty & Thelma

Betty & Thelma, Thanksgiving, 2004

Yesterday in the Marietta Daily Journal, Lifestyle section, was an article about Betty Roberts’ retirement after 40 years as a waitress at IHOP in Sandy Springs.

Click here for Betty's story in the MDJ.

Betty is a good friend of my sister-in-law Thelma. After Thelma’s husband Tommy drowned,in July 1988, Thelma’s life took a new direction.; literally. Thelma started traveling and Betty is her traveling companion.

Betty and Thelma are also great grandmothers to the same two children. Betty is on the father's side and Thelma is on the mother's side.

I see Betty once or twice each year, usually during the Thanksgiving holidays. Nothing seems to excite her, she always seems so relax and laid back. She is undisturbable.

Thelma and Betty have traveled to Canada, Alaska, and so many countries I can not think of them all – or at the moment, none of them. Betty is said she is going to Hawaii with her daughter and family on her next trip but Thelma is not going on that one.

Thelma has been thinking China. I’m sure that will be OK with Betty. China it will probably be.

Thelma makes some excellent scrapbooks on their journeys. She does not own a computer, but I think her handicraft with scrapbooks makes them more personal. I think on the trip Betty helps her collect things like menus, post cards, advertisements, photos, etc.

I think Betty is going to enjoy retirement.

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She sounds like a person who really loves life!

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