Saturday, August 28, 2010

Boogey & Woogeying on the Square

The concert on the Square last night was great. Not only was the music good old Oldies but also the cool breeze felt good. Who couldn’t dance to that?

The first scene is about two hours before the concert started. There sitting alone, with his wife not far away, is Coach Funderburk. Coach Funderburk taught me a course many years ago. Actually, I forgot what, I think it was some type of geography course. He also was my son Adam’s driver instructor years later. He said he remembered my face but not my name. I bet it is the other way around. He told me not long ago he and somebody else figured that he taught over 4000 young people through the years.

The second scene is a crowd of people in the roped off reserved rented table section. See the tall white haired man standing and talking to another man? That is Marietta’s Mayor Steve “Thunder” Tumlin. See the mayor’s arms folded? I read someplace that folding one’s arms is a subconscious defense mechanism. You are protecting your innards when you are talking to someone you don’t know very well. However, in recent years Madmen have made it to mean, “I mean business!” I noticed another way men show that they “mean business” is to shave and wax their heads. Somehow I can’t see Mayor Thunder shaving off that pretty thick white mane just to show he means business.

The rest of the video is just a whole lot of boogey woogeying to the music of the fine oldies band Livin’ Large.

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