Thursday, August 12, 2010

Revisiting Judy and her Country Kitchen

We carried my mother-in-law to Judy’s Country Kitchen today on 2745 Sandy Plains Road.

Judy is a friend of mine. We used to work together at the Sprayberry Post Office on Sandy Plains Road, just down the road about a tenth of a mile from the future spot of Judy’s Country Kitchen.

Shortly after I retired Judy quit the Postal Service and went into the restaurant business. She started four restaurants in the Carolinas and then returned here.

I knew from the scuttlebutt that she had quit the post office and dropped off the postal employee radar so I did a double take when I saw her greeting customers, bringing the food out to the buffet, running the cash register and so on. She and I were both surprised to see each other and gave each other a big hug. I hinted around asking her how come she got to have a free hand of doing whatever she wanted and she told me she owned the place. Then she told me about the four places in the Carolinas.

The next day I visited before they opened to take a picture for the blog. Judy was inside cleaning the tables just like her employees were doing. I bet she is a very nice person to work for.

I wrote a blog up telling how good I thought it is and haven’t been back.

That was months ago.

Today she politely scolded me for not coming back. I explained that her endless supply of food was too tempting for me to visit often – she would lose money and I would gain weight.
I see her menu and see that on different days they have different items. They have fried and baked chicken all six days they are open. She has fish on Fridays, fried catfish(we had that the first time and it is very tasty) and baked fish Well heck, just look for yourself on the menu below.(click to enlarge)

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