Sunday, August 15, 2010

Acworth Opry is Back at Logan Park

Above - Acworth Opry last night.

A few years ago we regularly went to the Acworth Opry at Logan Park in Acworth, Georgia. They had two get togethers a month. One was for blue grass jamming under the trees. Usually there were several groups in different parts of the park playing; picking. From the point of view of an outsider looking in, it seems that solo musicians would arrive with their musical instrument and would gravitate to the group he or she got the best rapport with and if all were in agreement he was a new band member...and then someone else might wander off from the group he first joined and join up with another group. No contracts in concrete or anything. Each person just wanted to be part of a group that complemented his own music the most.

The second Saturday night and the fourth Saturday night were the designated nights.

One of the Saturday nights was concert style with a makeshift stage. The stage might be an 18 wheeler trailer bed or something of that sort. That night usually about 4 to 5 groups played.

The genealogy of the leadership is interesting and hard to keep up with. The first person in charge that we knew of moved on to Jim Miller park had a similar bluegrass operation there. The replacement kept it running for a while, then moved the operation to a theater in downtown Acworth and charged an admission price instead of donation. Then, the Acworth Opry moved to Kennesaw and became the Kennesaw Opry. For whatever reason, I don't think they ever drew a large crowd.

The Kennesaw Opry moved to the Art Place in downtown Canton and kept its name, Kennesw Opry.

Recently we discovered the Acworth Opry reappeared playing at Logan Park again in Acworth again.

We went last night. They had two groups from about 6pm to 8pm. There were not as many people which made it pleasant. There were less musicians and less people in the audience. I think they will get bigger if they move their operation inside the Logan Park Barn during the cooler weather instead of taking a winter recess.

Below - fans handed out.



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