Wednesday, March 18, 2015

This Is The 6000th Post on this Blog

This is the blog's 6000th post.  If you don't believe me count them.    It has been going almost daily since  Dec 5, 2005; almost ten years.

I  have said all I have to say many times over. 

I did this blog to give my aging brain a daily exercise; to keep from forgetting things as I get older.  I did it for me the maker, not for you the reader.   Greedy rascal , aren't I?

Those who know me  know how well that  mind exercise thing went.

I plagiarized, repeated myself on my experiences and the few historical events I know.... I dug into my comic book collection to show off other work by other people.  Reused photographs over and over... it is like the unending circle.
If you read about ten of my posts you have just about read them all. 

Well, it was a noble experiment, anyway.

Therefore, the bottom line (literally) is I might slow down on my blogging and spend more time writing my experiences and memoirs. not for the blog or facebook but it is just something I feel I need to do.  I also feel the need to take the time to fine tune my genealogy findings and sleep more.


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