Sunday, March 29, 2015

OM's Part 2

We were talking about who is an O.M.  Well, O.M., as far as we are concerned means Old Mariettan.  That should speak for itself.  But it is more  a state of mind or state of being.  There are pictures in here have people that live as far south as Brunswick, Georgia, and as far north as Acwoth.  You can make your own definition, I don't know a solid one myself.

Due to  technical problems (they are too technical) there will be no music in this final segment.

O.M. Part 2 is the final part.



t is a running joke that when the newspaper makes an error they hide the retraction back in the want ads or some other section that is seldom read.
I am at a disadvantage, I don't have a want ad section, but on the other hand, all my stuff is seldom read! So here goes my retraction:
I goofed. I put out on facebook and chicken-fat "OMs Part 2" which I had the 250 plus pictures and near the end was the below picture which I identified as "Lois Frasure White and Carol White" Opps! It should have read "Lois Frasure White and Linda White Watson". I apologize. I know the difference in their names, I grew up knowing them. But my mind, I suppose, has it aging moments. I tried to silently edit it on Youtube and nobody would notice but could not figure out how. It is not fun becoming an old fart. On second thought, it is a little fun - I find myself in a virtual guessing game.



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