Monday, April 30, 2012

Varner Reunion Pictures by Clarence Horton

Horaces Armfield & the Mrs and Tony Hipps

At the Varner Reunion, Clarence Horton, a friend, was mingling and taking pictures like me. He told me I could use any of his pictures as I see fit. As I see fit? OK! The first thing to do as I see fit is to take full credit for these excellent pictures! I took these pictures! Me and only me! No, I am just jesting. These are the excellent pictures taken by Clarence Horton, that I lifted off Facebook. Plagiarism isn’t dead.

Thank you for sharing your great pictures Clarence.

I stabbed at the names.  Some I knew and some I had to read enlarge the name tags and some was unreadable.  Sorry.

I will try to get my pictures posted on this blog tomorrow.

Center Ken Chaney

3- Pat McPherson, Melvyn & Ray Denard

Emmett Burton

Mrs & Mrs Fred Williams

Jack Gaskin & Charlene P Benson

Christine & Joe Jenkins

Rick & Kitty Kendrick, Marvin Young, & David Cain

Lee Broadhust & Neal Lawrence

Mickey Griffin, left

Center Monty Calhoun

Kay & Monty Calhoun and Stanely Bishop

Right - Dan Northcutt

Parks Groover

Janet & Pat McPherson

Rupert Raines

Peggy & Stanley Bishop

Tommy & Pat Townsend

John Mosely, Parks Groover, & James Kirk

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