Sunday, April 15, 2012

Chicken-Fat on the Locomotive Chase Bandwagon

THE GEAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE was 150 years ago. It was April 12, 1862. Andrew Raiders, a group of yankee spies, led by James Andrews, boarded the train pulled by locomotive THE GENERAL as passengers and in Kennesaw at the first stop, unhooked the cars and stole the engine. And off they went, with the conductor William Fuller, who commandeered THE TEXAS and went after them in hot pursuit. They caught up and captured them, and reclaimed THE GENERAL in Ringgold, Georgia.

That is a quick one paragraph summary of what happened. Books and two movies have been about it THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE.

This week Marietta is celebrating the Chase. We went to downtown Saturday and it was a delightful day to see all thie festivities. And the Company Salad at Marietta Pizza was good too.

Notes -In the video the Civil War band is from Rome and explained some of the music of that time period just before they played it. The lady singing Dixie. L. Wilson and I are third cousins, we are both descended from John and Nancy Sumner Ray of Macon County, NC. The other lady was my 10th grade science teacher. She said she attended silent movie THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE playing at the Strand Theater and loved it. One of the things enjoyable about it was the organ player, Ron Carter, played the music on the organ to suited the scene, as well as they used to in silent movies.

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