Thursday, November 15, 2007

Macland Cemetery

This is the Macland Cemetery, west of Marietta, in Cobb County, near the Paulding County line.

The above looks like a holy Mecca or maybe a royal shrine but it is the family plot of the McEachern family. The McEachern family was the wealthy elite family of the area. I think they still are. A high school there is named after them, which they donated money to, which looks more like a ivy league college than a high school.

I took photographs here because of the Pettys buried here. These are very distant relatives, way up the line, these Pettys and I share a progenitor. Our latest common ancestor was William Petty (c1708-1770) and his wife Elizabeth Randsall, they lived in Orange County, Virginia. See the marker of William A(lexander) Petty (1847-1898)? He and I are 4th cousins, 3 times removed. I could probably pick anybody in the phone book and be more closely related.

Robert Guffin – Guffin is a family name on Anna’s side of the family. I do not know Robert’s relation, but if I ever come across it, I’ll have a picture of his grave.

And the same about the Hunters here. I know they are not generated from my grandfather through my great great grandfather, but before that the information is broken.

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Blogger janie said...

I love these pictures.

I am not a big geneology person. I leave that to my sister, TOO. She digs up all the gossip on our old relatives.

I love cemetaries. I love the way the old headstones look. Some are true works of art.

SOME PEOPLE...... think I am a little nuts because of this. I don't care.

Can you please explain to me what is a 4th cousin, 3 times removed? I got the 4th cousin part, it is the removed part that baffles me.

5:04 AM  
Blogger ET said...

To boil it down to a smaller ratio, which might be more understandable:
My first cousin Johnny has a son named John the III. John the III is my first cousin, once removed. His toddler son John the IV is my first cousin, twice removed.
My sons are 2nd cousins to John the III, and 2nd cousins, once removed to toddler John the IV.

If you like old cemetery marker photos, dig back in my archives. Ever so often I feel the need to show another cemetery I have been to taking pictures.

5:21 AM  

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