Saturday, November 03, 2007

Let Bygones Be Bygones

I mentioned in a previous blog the mentally challenged Eddie, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Nichols, who came to visit his grandparents and how once I blooded his nose and once he almost choked me to death.

I am not through talking about Eddie. The still came around and eventually we were friends again… in a way – I kept my physical distance.

Once, whoever Eddie lived with in Newnan invited us boys down to visit him. A neighbor’s mother carried us.

Eddie lived on a big farm. He showed us long chicken houses that chickens were lined up in their little nests squawking and laying eggs “for the man”. Eddie also showed us a big Christmas tree shape and size metal thing that sorted eggs into different sizes. That may have been one of the frontrunners of computers.

Also, down a sloped pasture at the bottom of the slope was a muddy pond. There were maybe 6 or 7 cows hanging out and mooing.

I didn’t know if Eddie remembered our bloody-nose incident or the job he started but didn’t finish. I knew one thing. I wasn’t going near that pond with him there.

I don’t know whatever happened to Eddie. He was strong as an ox and about half as smart.

I hope he is still alive and is happy and has forgotten all about me.

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