Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Birthday is Over

The Birthday Is Over

The party is over.  I had a vey nice Birthday.  We had breakfast at Reveille; a movie at the Movie tavern; and dinner at Pier 213.  It was all good.

At the Movie Tavern I suppose they were showing about six movies.  We narrowed it down to decide between a movie about a rough cop commandeering an Uber driver and his car (the promo looked funny and wild); and SPIDER-MAN, FAR FROM HOME.
We picked SPIDER-MAN.  On this one Peter  Parker goes on a high school class trip to Europe.  Some of the cinematography was too fast and too big (in your face big) to follow the action.  However, I like geography and there are some excellent scenes in Venice, Italy, Prague, Czech Republic, London, and other countries.
Marisa Tormei plays Peter Parker’s aunt, who he lives with.  I remember in MARVEL SPIDER-MAN comics, his aunt (Mrs. Parker) looked very elderly and frail.  In this movie she is very robust and some things she said or do has some sexual innuendoes.
Also, being that it is a Marvel movie I expected to see a Stan Lee cameo.  I didn’t.  I know Stan Lee is dead, but I read someplace they were not going to run out of Stan Lee cameos any time soon, they had plenty in stock.

Maybe they decided, being that Stan is dead, cameos are just to weird.

The Movie Tavern has reasonable ticket  prices to attract the public inside.  Once inside, they plan to make money buy selling you food.  They have a well organized waiter team ready to take your order.

I think they would be offended if they saw you eat food you slipped in .

We smuggled in some snacks.
I had a candy bar I was eating and keeping in the dark of the theater.  Somehow, when I bit off a chunk the nutty chocolate bar broke into several pieces.  I felt around in he dark and thought I found all the pieces.

But when the movie was over, and we walked outside in the bright hallway I saw that a couple of chocolate chunks had melted into the lap of my pants.


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