Thursday, April 19, 2018

My Teacher, Miss Shouse

One of my report cards in the 5th grade.  You will see that Miss Shouse watched me in a critical way, but there's more that are not in pictures:

One time Van Callaway pushed me against the fire escape railing splitting my fore head.  Miss Elberta Shouse sat in the teachers lounge on a little couch holding my head up and also holding an ice pack to keep me from bleeding out until help could arrive.

She lived in a boarding house on Forest Avenue.  Somehow a Pigeon got in her room and she caught it and had it in a box.  She said I could have it if I wanted it.  After school I walked home with her and got the bird in the box and carried it home and put it in an extra room on the back porch.  The next morning feathers were all over, but no Pigeon.  Either  a rat or a cat ate it.

Elberta went on to married Billy Kinney, a reporter for the local Marietta Journal.



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