Thursday, May 16, 2019

Throwback Thursday Whoopee Cushion

Nell Campbell compared me to the other a Greek philosopher who died the way he wished, laughing at his joke. Well, I don’t know about dying laughing at my own joke. Once I know the punchline it is no longer funny, the element of surprise is gone. However the next best thing is giggling uncontrollably over a prank you were part of. True story: My aunt Opal worked in Atlanta close to a novelty store. There, she brought me a Poo-Poo cushion. I carried it to school. In phys Ed a few of us non-dress-ouster’s hung out in the bleachers and played with the poo poo cushion making farting sounds. I noticed Coach Lundy glaring at up from time to time. He finally came to us and demanded the cushion. About one or two periods later On the PA system my name and the others names involved with the poo poo cushion was told by Principal Lloyd Cox to report to the office. When we were all there and lined up Lloyd Cox whipped the inflated cushion out from behind him and squeezed it causing a loud long fart sound. We all burst out giggling. Lloyd said what funny about that. I tried to explain the dramatic presentation with the sudden sound. Lloyd was in a rage which made us giggle more. He told us to stay in the adjoining office until the last bell for the day rang. We did. When the last bell sounded we left, going through Lloyd’s office. He wasn’t there. He was probably making sure people was leaving school in an orderly manner. We decided to look through his desk for the poo poo cushion. We found it. We blew it up and put it in Lloyd’s chair. By the way I read In the paper about a year ago that Lloyd Cox died in his middle 90s. Yesterday I read that his wife died at age 98,



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