Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jerry McBee and His Niece


On New Year’s Eve 2009, Anna and I took Jerry McBee to the Strand Theater to see the Billy Joe Royal Concert.

Jerry McBee was an invalid, partially paralyzed by a series of strokes. He was a friend to many people. After the concert Jerry enjoyed people coming up to him in the lobby, hugging and shaking hands. One of the ushers (picture above) overheard some of the greetings to Jerry and asked if his name was McBee. We told her that was correct. Her name was McBee also. Her late father was from Marietta. She was estranged from her family in Calhoun and was presently studying nursing at Kennesaw College. After comparing notes, she decided that Jerry and her late father were brothers. She said he looked just like her Grandfather. The young lady became emotional and told Jerry she would visit him at the nursing home.

Jerry enjoyed pictures of friends. I began taking him picture of his friends at social events, which he put on poster boards he was always working on. A few weeks after the concert I visited Jerry, bringing him some pictures from New Year’s Eve and showed him a picture of the usher niece, asking if she had visited him. He sadly shook his head, “No.” She had not come to visit at all. Jerry won’t be here for New Year’s Eve this year

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